Friday, August 12, 2011

The Stretcher Band pattern:


 It is the simplest to install with a side-by-side appearance. It can look longer or broader depending on the direction it is installed. To give the appearance of a larger area, it should be installed in a length size direction.

For an appearance of a larger area, the pavers should be installed in a length wise direction. For the impression, of a wide pathway, then lay the pavers in a wide direction across the area.

The Stretcher Band pattern should be used in an area where vehicles will constantly brake or accelerate or make repeated turns.

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Basket Wave Pattern:

If you are searching for a more historical look, then this is a good option of pattern. The pavers are laid in squares, making it a very unique pattern. It is best suited for antique style pavers.

Although this pattern has become less popular nowadays, this is still a great choice for a distinctive area.

Herringbone Pattern:

There are two basic types of Herringbone patterns; the 45 degree and the 90 degree. The 45 degree is appropriated for an entertaining area; for it appears more noticeable and busy, as the 90 degree is more of a clean-look pattern.

The Herringbone pattern is ideal for driveways or other areas used by vehicles because it well accommodates heavy loads such as cars and trucks. This pattern also reduces the chances for movement of the units as well as for the entire area.


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