Friday, October 8, 2010

Selecting The Perfect Brick Paver Company

Selecting The Perfect Brick Paver Company

Laying brick pavers is a craft that takes skills and care to be done. In order to have a perfect installation it is important to select the proper contractor

What To Look For In a Brick Pavers Contractor

Reputation is everything in the construction business and a brick pavers contractor is no different. Ask to see certificates that your installers are ICPI Certified Professional Brick Pavers. ICPI stands for Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute and in order to become qualified, one has to gain the technical and design skills outlined by the Institute. Those in the business of brick pavers are usually always members of the Better Business Bureau where you can check on any complaints that they may have on file. A brick pavers contractor will be proud of their artistic patterns and invite you to see photographs or visit past customers. Years of experience and licensing are also important in making your selection.

What Function To Expect

Most contractors offer complete installation, reinstallation and remodeling of brick and stone pavers. Brick pavers installers will also repair and maintain existing pavers if you are happy with your actual layout but just have areas that are worn or cracked. About any outside or indoor area is inside the realm of a brick pavers company. These may include driveways, entryways, paths, pool decks, sidewalks, patios, walkways or steps. Normally experienced in both commercial and residential applications, there isn't too much that they haven't seen.

Remember to check with the BBB and with supplied references from your contractor, as well as making sure that the company is ICPI certified. If you live in the south Florida area check They are a great company that fill all the criteria of a brick paver company.