Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why it is Important to Pressure Clean and Seal Your Concrete Brick Pavers? - Part II

What Are The True Advantages Of Pressure Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Properties?
By pressure cleaning your exteriors you will be giving it a welcoming feeling, as well as increasing the paver's life. 
Keeping a nice looking exterior will also increase the value of a home/office from 5 to 10 percent! Pressure cleaning is considered the most inexpensive way to clean your exterior surface, and the only way to do it is using pressure washer.

Should I Seal Or Not My Pavers? What Are The Consequences Of Sealing The Pavers?
After pressure cleaning your concrete brick pavers it is recommended to seal it, too. Applying a coat of sealant is important because it will avoid dirt, oil, and grease to getting inside the bricks.
Since concrete brick pavers are some kind of spongy material it can be damaged by any type of debris, and the sealer will protect your bricks from them. Also, if you want to protect your surface from the humidity from getting to the pores, a coat of sealant is just what you need. 
It will also protect the concrete brick pavers from losing its color with time, extending its life and good looks as well. Even if the pavers were exposed for many years to the weather and all the debris, a good pressure clean and seal will enhance the look and extend its life.

How Frequently Should I Seal My Brick Pavers?
Pressure cleaning is recommended once a year. Sealing your concrete brick pavers is different. You seal it right after pavers installation. Then you seal it again after 1 year.
Then you don't need to seal it again for another 10 years. It will protect your surface, enhance its look and extend its life. 
It will also make it very easy for you to maintain it clean yourself, and contrary to what many people think, it does not make your surface slippery because it gets inside the surface in order to protect it.

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