Monday, June 14, 2010

Recognizing A Good Brick Paver Installer

An essential part of any project is planning. Without proper planning mistakes can, and usually will, be made. Brick paving is no exception, when a company doesn't plan sufficiently the driveway will likely take longer then expected to finish. With the correct planning your contractor should be able to complete the job within the promised time frame.

Brick Pavers In Miami?
Observe The Brick Installation And How The Pavers Are Being Laid

If they are not straight you may have trouble later on. Curves create gaps between the pavers, which can lead to a variety of things you do not want. When there are gaps, ants can live between and under the pavers, moss can grow in between them, and grass and weeds can grow up from the gaps. Who wants moss or ants in their driveway?

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At Least 4 Inches Of Road Rock Are Required to Be Laid and Compacted

When having a brick paver driveway installed make sure the contractor lays at least 4 inches of road rock, and that it's well compacted. If the road rock is not compacted properly then the pavers may sink in as it settles, or if the contractor uses a harder material then the pavers may break down as they are compressed against it. The restraining edge of the pavers should be double checked by the contractor, and checked by you. Its serious for it to be solid and well finished.

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