Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Choose A Brick Paver Pattern

Choosing A Brick Paver Pattern

Choosing your brick paver pattern should not be based on the appearance only, take your time on this decision and make the best out of your buck. The pattern should flow with the house as well as the landscaping.

When To Select A 45° Pattern and When To Select A 90° One?
Because the 45 degree is a more busy looking patter it gives the impression that the area is smaller than it actually is. While the 90 degree pattern will give the trick of a larger area. If you want to give a feel of space choose the 90 degree pattern, and if your idea is to keep it small the 45 degree pattern is perfect.

Pattern Ideas
The standard concrete brick, as the 4x8 brick is most known for, has three standard designs for installation; they are the Stretcher, the Basket Wave, and the Herringbone. Each of these patterns can be variable in order to create distinct designs with unique looks.

The Stretcher Band pattern: The easiest one for installation, has a side-by-side look. Depending on the direction it is installed it gives the feeling of a larger or wider area. For a larger appearance install it in a length wise irection, and for a wide feeling install it in a wide direction crossways the area.

Basket Wave Pattern:If your idea is to give more of a old feeling, then this design is for you. The pavers are laid in squares to create a very particular pattern. Because of its look it is best fit for paver that has an old look or style. Even though this pattern is not very common anymore it is still a wonderful alternative.

Herringbone Pattern: In this pattern we will find the 45 degree and the 90 degree designs. For an entertaining area the 45 degree is a great alternative since it looks busy and brings the attention to the area, while the 90 degree is more of a clean pattern. This type of patterns are ideal for driveways and areas used by vehicles because it can stand heavy loads like trucks and cars.

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