Thursday, June 24, 2010

Concrete Brick Pavers Shapes For Florida Homes - Part II

How To Choose The Right Shape Of Brick Pavers
 - For heavy traffic areas such as driveway and busy pedestrian paths the fully interlocked on two axes is recommended.
 - For light traffics areas such as walkways and footpaths rectangular and square shaped pavers are suggested, interlocked on one axes or non-dented shapes.
Why Rectangular Shaped Concrete Brick Pavers Are the Most Popular Choice
Rectangular shaped concrete brick pavers are considered to be the most practical and common of all the pavers that are available, because they are easy to manufacture, easy to package, easy to store and ship. They have been the preferred shape since the start of the paving concept.

There are other types of concrete brick pavers shapes that suit special installations, such as noise reduction, water permeability, grass growth and mechanized installation.

Which Shape Do You Prefer. Sometimes It's A Matter Of Taste
While the unique looking shapes will create a more visually appealing look, and some people do look for the unique looking area, others prefer the regular rectangular shape, for an easier maintenance in case of repair.

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