Thursday, June 24, 2010

Concrete Brick Pavers Shapes For Florida Homes - Part I

Concrete Brick pavers have a large collection of shapes and colors and can be laid in a variety of pattern to create a visually pleased environment. The shape will allow for some interesting and decorative design.

Rectangular Shapes, Square Shapes, Guitar Shapes, Triangle Shapes, The Possibilities Are Never Ending

Among all the different shapes you will definitely find the look you want. Concrete Brick pavers begin from the simplest rectangular shape to the more complexes such as wedged shapes.
Larger pavers are recommended for larger areas because it will look proportional. To form a unique setting, you can lay small pavers mixed with larger ones, as well as different colors combination and different shapes.

Paver Shape Classification 
Dented shapes are conductive to fully interlock being less likely to movement because they set together more uniformly.
Pavers have been classified in three different categories: Fully interlocked on two axes, Interlocked on one axes, Non-dented or square and rectangular shapes.

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