Monday, June 21, 2010

Choosing a Pattern For Your Concrete Brick Paver Patio - Part I

Most of the times the homeowner will make a decision on the brick paver pattern based on the appearance, and even though most pavers can be laid in a variety of patterns, you should really take your time on that decision in order to get the best out of your budget. The pattern you choose for your area should be able to go with your landscaping and give your home the impression you are searching for.

When To Choose A 45° Pattern and When To Choose A 90° One?
For instance, because the 45 degree is a busy looking pattern, it will bring the attention upon the paved area, giving also the impression that the area is smaller that its actual size. On the other hand, to give the feeling of a larger area, you should consider the 90 degree pattern.

Stretcher, Basket Wave And The Herringbone
The standard concrete brick, as the 4x8 brick is most known for, has three basic patterns for installation; they are the Stretcher, the Basket Wave, and the Herringbone. Each of these patterns can be varied in order to create different patterns with unique looks.

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