Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Should You Pressure Clean And Seal Your Brick Paver Surface

Having a brick paver patio, driveway, pool deck or any kind of area is a great option, since the brick pavers age beautifully. However they do require some maintenance. It is recommended to at least once a year pressure wash your brick pavers surface, and to avoid new stains and dirt, why not seal it, too?

Concrete is a kind of a spongy material, it can be damaged by wheatear conditions, dirt, oils stains, and other debris. By pressure washing your concrete brick paver surface you are not just keeping it looking nice and clean, you are actually increasing its life. Applying the sealer on the clean brick paver area will avoid humidity from getting in the pores maintaining the surface protected longer.
In addition, brick pavers that have not been usually cleaned and sealed will loose their color with time, leaving the original grey stone showing. Not only can that, but because of it porous surface, grease and oil get inside the concrete making it hard to get rid of. On the other hand, even after many years exposed to the weather, stains, and debris, a good pressure wash and the application of a sealer will bring back and enhance the color of the concrete brick paver, extending its life as well.

Sealing your concrete brick pavers’ surface will avoid oil and grease from getting inside the brick and will allow you to keep the surface clean, by simply washing it with products such as grease cutting and detergents. As many people do not know, sealers do not make the surface slippery; it gets inside the surface to protect it.
Pressure cleaning and sealing your surface is recommended at least once a year; it a very efficient way to add value to your home, and extend the life of your surface. Pressure clean and sealer are used in mostly any kind of surface, to remove stains, kill bacteria, and make your surface have that look of new again.

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